Once we get to a certain age and we have worked hard for our money we start to want our money to work hard for us. You will be looking to earn good returns on the money that you have already earned and saved in order to top up your savings and maybe plan for your retirement. Sadly, finding such investments in the current economic environment can be harder than you may think.

How can I get my money to work for me

With bank interest rates currently at all-time lows, leaving your money to sit idle in a bank account in order to build for your future is not an option. The stock markets, although stabilising, are still volatile with many people see this as too risky an option having perhaps already had their fingers burned by the economic crisis of 2008. So, what does this leave?

The first objective for any investor at the present time should be to gain returns that beat inflation. It may sound obvious or indeed a little negative but it is important that your money is gaining you a return and not losing money in real terms. Some people are overly cautious and some people are overly optimistic about the returns that they feel that they should be earning. It is therefore necessary to find the right balance between risk and reward.

Investment properties around the world are an excellent choice at the present with it being extremely realistic to generate yields of 5-10% p.a. but obviously, this isn’t always risk free, nor is it necessarily without headaches. It is therefore essential that you find the right investment property for you. After all, you are wanting your money to work for you, not create another unwanted or unneeded headache.

How can I get my money to work for me

The most common headache associated with rental properties is finding suitable tenants and suitable properties. The idea of just owning a property and renting it out, gaining an income sound idyllic but in the most part that is unrealistic, unless of course you find a developer who is willing to offer a rental guarantee over a suitable time period at an attractive rate.

One such developer offering this type of scheme is the New Nordic Group who are based in Pattaya Thailand. They have a tried and tested scheme that has been in place for around 10 years that pays a 10% p.a. return for periods of anything from 5 to 20 years. They will manage your property on your behalf so you can just sit back and watch the money come in, it doesn’t even matter if your individual unit is rented at the time you will still get paid!

Thanks to an experienced management team and a sound business model, the concept runs smoothly as there are no excess demands placed upon it. The group owns dozens of other completed properties and have excellent links with local and international tour operators which guarantee booking months and even years in advance. In fact, the scheme is so well developed that even in the low season occupancy rates only need to meet minimal levels in order to cover costs.

How can I get my money to work for me

This really is a low risk, relatively high paying investment that will really get your monies working for you over time periods that will suit your needs and goals. Investing with New Nordic may see your financial independence come sooner than you planned leaving you to enjoy the more important things in life.


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