Visas in Thailand are one of the few things that can cause anxiety and stress when it comes to staying long-term in this fabulous country. Often you hear comments such as “the rules are always changing” or “it is too difficult to obtain a visa” and in some cases this may carry some weight, but when it comes to a retirement visa, the rules are very black and white.

Basically, to qualify for a retirement visa in Thailand you must be 50 years of age or older, have THB800,000 in Thai bank account for a minimum of two months prior to applying, or having an income of THB65,000 per month, or a combination of the two. For many people meeting this criterion can be slightly difficult, especially as they may not want to keep THB800,000 tied up in a Thai bank account so they will need to supplement this with an income in the form of a pension or another qualifying investment.

Can I Use the Income From my Rental Property for my Retirement Visa?

One of the most common ways that people supplement their income is through rental income from investment properties. This is particularlypopular with people who own a property that they rent out in Thailand, the only problem that may then occur is renting the property out for a long enough period and proving that they are receiving this income. Both issues can be easily satisfied if you use a reputable management company or you take advantage of one of the fantastic rental guarantee options that are available.

One such option is available from the well-established New Nordic Group who are based on the Pratamnak Hill area Pattaya. This experienced developer has been successfully offering a scheme with a 10% rental guarantee for the last decade. This is not only an excellent return but satisfies all the criteria to qualify as income for a retirement visa. The income is paid monthly into a bank account of your choice by the developer so is therefore not dependant on your unit being rented and guarantees offered by the developer meet Immigration requirements.

Can I Use the Income From my Rental Property for my Retirement Visa?

Another great factor about this offer is that it is a medium to long term investment. The scheme is available for periods of five to twenty years so therefore you will have no concerns about using the income for visa application in the following years. This gives you a great deal of security and peace of mind knowing that you will not need to worry about where some or all your income will come from – something that is very valuable in its own right.

The New Nordic offer is the perfect option for those looking to retire in Thailand. It is a relatively low risk investment that pays an excellent return for the medium to long term. Those who participate in the scheme are not required to do anything and the funds are paid directly into your bank account on a monthly basis therefore satisfying the Immigration Department. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your retirement!



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