Why Choose Thailand for Investment Properties?

As more and more people move into the investment property market, it seems that they are prepared to search the globe to find the most attractive properties offering the best returns. In doing so they must take several different factors into consideration as deals that may seem attractive on paper might not be the same in reality.

For example, you need to consider the economic and political situation in the country. It should go without saying that there is a need for stability otherwise you may be throwing your money down the drain. Assuming that the location that you choose is a ‘tourist destination’ you then need to take into account the inevitable high and low seasons. Do enough tourists visit throughout the year in order that you can meet your required occupancy rates in order to turn a profit? On the same theme, is your chosen destination popular with tourists long-term or is it somewhere that is ‘fashionable’ at the present time?

Why Choose Thailand for Investment Properties?

If we take all of these factors into account, then Thailand is a destination that comes out very well. The country is now seen by most as being politically stable, it has a booming economy and tourist numbers are increasing annually. The country is building for the future and most of the tourist epicentres have excellent infrastructure so this would suggest long term prospects are very favourable too. When you add in the fact that property is still relatively cheap, certainly in comparison with many other locations it would seem like the ideal place to own an investment property.

In fact, at the present time, demand for property in tourist centres such as Pattaya is on the increase as tour operators look to complexes rather than traditional hotels. This has led to local developers building such properties in order to meet demand whilst at the same time offering attractive deals to investors to encourage them to invest. This is obviously beneficial to all parties so again makes the prospect of investing in Thailand even more attractive.

Why Choose Thailand for Investment Properties?

One of the offers that is currently available in Pattaya is from the New Nordic Group. They are presently offering returns of 10% p.a. for periods of anything from five to twenty years. The return is paid monthly into your nominated bank account and the income that is generated can also be used towards your income for a retirement visa for those investors who are of retirement age and looking to make Thailand their home.

The scheme has been in place for over a decade so therefore has a proven track record with an experienced management team and solid infrastructure. All payments have been made on time and in full on every single occasion so this is a proven project that is built on firm foundations. Returns of 10% p.a. are also very attractive especially when you consider the relatively low risk involved and certainly in comparison to other countries that may offer a higher rate of return but have nothing like the same level of security.

So, to conclude, at the present time, investing in Thailand would appear to be a very attractive proposition and the long-term prospects are also very positive. If you are looking at investment properties, then you would struggle to find a better alternative than that currently being offered by the New Nordic Group.


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