What Makes Pattaya so Attractive?

When we think of great destinations in the world we usually opt for places that are warm, have great beaches as well as having plenty of different things to see and do. Throw in a bit of culture and great value the destination becomes the perfect place for a holiday.

There are many places like this around the world but in recent times Pattaya has manged to push its way towards the front and is now receiving visitors from all around the globe.

What Makes Pattaya so Attractive?

So why would you choose Pattaya? Well firstly it ticks the box for having great weather. It has a superb year-round climate and being situated in the Gulf of Thailand has warm sea temperatures
throughout the year. The Pratamnak and Jomtien areas of the city along with areas further to the south offer some splendid beaches that are ideal for families along with the islands of Koh Samet and Koh Larn also being relatively close by.

What Makes Pattaya so Attractive?

If you start to delve a little deep you start you see other points of interest. You have the Silverlake vineyard with the nearby imposing Buddha carved into the mountainside. In the Naklua area, you will find the impressive Sanctuary of Truth carved out of wood and the local seafood market where you can see the local catch and pick up some bargains. For the families, you will find waterparks, ample shopping, shows and of course a wide range of restaurants offering cuisine from almost every country.

What Makes Pattaya so Attractive?

If you would class yourself as active, then Pattaya is again a great destination. There a lots of water sports available, over twenty championship standard golf courses within an hour’s drive of the city and if you a looking to take it slightly easier you can always take in a stroll around Buddha Mountain in the Pratamnak area in the evening taking in the views back across the city and beyond. Muay Thai, gyms and yoga can also easily be found if this particularly takes your interest.

What Makes Pattaya so Attractive?

Pattaya has plenty to offer singles, couples and families and has a great way of including everyone. The friendly nature of the Thai people also adds to the appeal and the fact that the city is constantly evolving and expanding only adds to its popularity. If there is one thing you can be sure of, Pattaya will not be the same next year, but it will have managed to retain all the things that you love and managed to add to them.

It is hardly surprising that the number of visitors who are coming to Pattaya each year is on the increase. The city has so much to offer, so much so, that it is now popular with property investors who see the city as a potential ‘gold mine’. Developers are building properties and offering exciting incentives such as rental guarantees – not that many incentives are needed.

What Makes Pattaya so Attractive?

One local developer, the New Nordic Group is currently offering 10% rental guarantees for periods of anything from five to twenty years so this is bound to spark interest. You can see why Pattaya is so attractive to holiday makers, expats and now investors. The city is certainly thriving and growing on an annual basis with more and more plans coming to the forefront all the time. The city has a bright future and no doubt everyone wants to be a part of it.


  1. Pattaya is attractive bcs one of best and most balanced collection of hotels all categories. Affordable Condos.Friendly This.Culture shows.Shopping.Great food.Good prices.No hurricanes.No earthquakes.Year round great climate.U will make it also family friendly by cleaning up the water.

  2. The real estate market is so bad there is a 60% vacancy. So they have to add incentives, some agencies are offering 2 to 3 hundred thousand baht down and payments up to 10 years without going through a bank loan.

  3. There are thousands of apartments that are being built here mostly purchase bye investors.. maybe 50% empty at some places.. but central city non to find .


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