How long £500 will last in 32 different countries

A new survey has suggested that British holiday makers could enjoy 6 weeks in Thailand and 4 in Jamaica or Mexico on a budget of 500 pound.

Allowing for 3 meals, 2 beers, 4 soft drinks, using public transport twice and a coffee, the same amount of money wouldn’t last a week in countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway. On the other hand, you could get 8-9 days in Belgium, Ireland, Australia, Italy and finland.

6 weeks in Thailand or 6 days in Switzerland?

Travelex, the foreign exchange company, did a survey looking at the average cost of living in those countries. Travelex did the study based on exchange rates as of the 28th June. It was measured by Numbeo, taking into account the price of 50 items. These included accommodation, food and drink, clothing and leisure activities. It was based on the 32 countries most visited by Britons according to the office of national statistics.

According to the data 11.43 pound would cover food, drinks and travel in Thailand. In Mexico, Jamaica Bulgaria, and other parts of eastern Europe 20 pound would provide the same.

6 weeks in Thailand or 6 days in Switzerland?

Earlier this year Portugal was named the cheapest summer holiday location for Britons by the Post Office’ annual holiday barometer, but the survey found you would at least 30 pound a day to go there.

In Switzerland and Norway, you would need around 90 pound a day for the same expenses. In the USA or Australia you’d require 50 pound a day.

Spain welcomed approx. 75.3 million holiday makers in 2016 which is a record high. For a day there you could get by on 40 pound. Same applies to Barbados. Canada and the UAE you could get by on 45 pound a day.

6 weeks in Thailand or 6 days in Switzerland?

Eastern European countries were found to have the cheapest beer and coffee, with Bulgaria offering the cheapest of both beverages among the countries surveyed.

The most expensive coffee, priced at around £4 per drink, was in Denmark, while the priciest beer was found to be in the UAE, sold at around £9 per drink.

  • Top five countries with the cheapest coffee
    •  Bulgaria – £0.95
    •  Portugal – £1.05
    •  Hungary – £1.12
    •  Italy – £1.32
    •  South Africa – £1.35
  • Top five countries with the cheapest beer
    • Bulgaria – £0.97
    • Czech Republic – £1.07
    • Hungary – £1.09
    • Mexico – £1.15
    • Portugal – £1.35

Source : Telegrahp

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