90 Day Fiancé star's son shot in the face in accident in America

The son of David Toborowsky, star of the American reality TV series 90 Day Fiancé has reportedly been shot in the face in an accident involving his friend and a handgun.

18-year-old Jacob who appeared in two episodes of the series alongside David and his now wife Chanoknat “Annie” Suwan miraculously survived the gunshot from a .22 calibre bullet which hit him in the jawbone after a friend was playing with a handgun which he believed was not loaded.

Jacob’s friend involved in the accident is said to be 17-years-old and as such his identity has not been released as he is still a minor.

90 Day Fiancé star's son shot in the face in accident in America

David speaking to the media said that his son has been friends with the boy involved for many years and he believes that he is a good kid.

The bullet still remains lodged in Jacob’s jaw and doctor’s hope to remove it once some of the swelling goes down.

90 Day Fiancé star's son shot in the face in accident in America


Jacob’s family have said that they want the shooter and his family held accountable for the accident, fearful of the psychological effect that this might have on Jacob.

David said at first the shooter claimed that Jacob had shot himself, however ballistics and blood splatter evidence taken by forensics soon had officers questioning the account at which point the young man admitted that it was him.

Currently officers have charged the minor with first degree assault, he is scheduled to go before a judge on February 15 who will decide if he will be tried as a minor or an adult.

If tried as an adult the young shooter could be looking at a decade’s long prison sentence.

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