Air Canada Overbooked Flight Sees Ten-Year-Old Bumped

A ten-year-old boy’s dream holiday was almost in tatters because an Air Canada flight was oversold and there were no seats for him.

The boy’s father said the airline had offered compensation after the story broke, in the aftermath of the recent incident involving United Airlines.

An unsuccessful attempt by Brent Doyle to check in his eldest son online, failed because there was no available seats available. They had planned to fly from Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island to Montreal, where they would continue their journey to Costa Rica.

The family of four then travelled to Moncton, New Brunswick, with the view of taking flight from there, only to discover the flight was cancelled.

Air Canada offered an apology and compensation in the region of 2500 dollars in the form of a voucher, when the story hit the Canadian newspapers at the weekend.

Once again, airlines are treating people poorly, overbooking flights, knowing their is a possibility that people are going to face disappointment when then arrive at check in.

The process must be stopped. Once a flight is full, they should be laws to prevent them for selling the seats “twice”, then and only then will this fiasco at airports cease.

The good news is Mr. Doyle and his family made their connecting flight to Costa Rica, where they were taking their vacation.


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