All 216 Thai Tourists Trapped in Indonesian Earthquake Rescued

All 216 Thais that were left stranded in Indonesia following the earthquake that struck Lombok Island on Sunday morning have been safely rescued.

At a press conference this morning, Deputy Foreign Minister Veerasak Futrakul announced that 97 Thai tourists, who traveled to the island’s Mount Rinjani with tour companies, have returned to the country. Meanwhile, the other 119 have been assigned temporary housing in Lombok by the Thai Embassy in Indonesia as they wait for their return flights, reported Spring News.

Only one of the Thai tourists was injured, while 64 of those remaining are scheduled to fly home today.

Many of the group took to Facebook in the earthquake’s aftermath to ask for help from authorities and share their life-threatening experiences.

One Facebook user, Supaporn Bangmoung, posted a video of the earthquake’s ninth aftershock on Sunday. She appeared to already be on the ground and explained that her 18-person crew was safe and awaiting further instruction about which direction to safely proceed at the time.

“There is hidden beauty in danger,” she wrote .

Nupa Wan, a Thai woman who was among the tourists trapped on the island, posted a panoramic photo, showing the jubilant atmosphere surrounding the rescue camp.

More than 800 hikers and guides were left stranded by landslides atop Mount Rinjani — the second-highest volcano in Indonesia at 3,726 meter-tall — after Sunday’s 6.4-magnitude earthquake rocked Lombok.

The Thai tourists were among the lucky ones, as the earthquake killed 16 people and injured at least 200 others across the holiday island.

Just this afternoon, Nupa Wan updated her social media account to say that she was flying back to Thailand, posting a photo of herself raising her arms in the air in front of the plane, with a caption we’re guessing all 216 rescued tourists could identify with.

“I just want to go home.”

Source : Coconuts


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