Many of Asia’s nations have agreed to work at cleaning up their act and prevent plastics from entering the oceans around their coastlines.

Representatives from China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, promised to begin processes that will reduces the amount of waste getting into the seas.

Asian Nations To Clean Up Their Act

Ocean pollution is a major problem around the world and has adverse effects on marine life, not to mention the filth and disease that can be spread. Seabirds are often harmed by ocean waste as they along with marine creatures ingest much of the plastic materials, which results in their deaths.

It is believed some 13 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans annually.

Blame is apportioned to up and coming countries, who are developing their economies quicker than their ability to dispose of their waste. Ten rivers, mainly in Asia are said to carry the majority of the pollution.

Thailand is thought to be responsible for 2.8 million tonnes of waste material that entered the oceans in 2016, of which, 12% is believed to be plastic based.

Asian Nations To Clean Up Their Act

But now many nations are taking action. In Indonesia, they are actively seeking alternatives to plastics and have an ongoing education programme to encourage children to dispose of their waste properly.

However the world must find a substitute for plastic, something that is biodegradable in order to truly fix the problem.

Source : BBC

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