A young elephant was found dead near the roadside in Malaysia sparking fears over habitat loss for the world’s largest land mammal.

The baby elephant is believed to have been struck by a vehicle. The authorities issued a warning to drivers requesting they be extra careful when driving on the nations roads.

Perak Department of Wildlife and National Parks Director, Loo Kean Seong said “we have erected signboards to warn motorists that there could be elephants along this stretch of the road.

“Drivers must be vigilant especially late at night and at dawn.”

The elephants have lost much of their habitat and are wandering closer to the roads in search of food.

Many have suggested lowering the speed limit and installing street lighting to help prevent accidents occurring.

Baby Elephant Killed By Car In Malaysia

Malaysian residents are angry because wild animals are coming into close contact with humans, putting animals at risk. Many took to social media to vent their concerns.

Some comments were over loss of territory, others had a go at careless drivers.

Source : BBC

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