Zaid Thanoon was arrested at an airport in Indonesia last month on suspicion of bringing cannabis into the country

THIS is the first picture of the terrified Brit who has been arrested on suspicion of drugs smuggling in Bali.

Zaid Thanoon was paraded in front of cameras wearing a balaclava in Indonesia after being arrested at an airport.


He was collared on July 13 for carrying 3.55 grams of cannabis into the country.

The 26-year-old photographer from Sheffield had reportedly arrived on a flight from Bangkok, Thailand.

According to local reports he has admitted to being a recreational cannabis user.

The punishment for trafficking cannabis in Indonesia is five – 15 years for amounts under a kilo.


Anything over a kilo can result in life imprisonment or the death penalty.

A Chilean man named Victor Ortegarocha was also paraded for the camera after being detained on July 12 for carrying 3 grams of cannabis into Bali.

A Dutchman, named Bart Hafkam, was also arrested but for some reason not brought before the cameras.

In February Brit Adam Scott was arrested at the airport after cops found 655 Diazepam tablets on him.

The amount, which he did not declare, was judged to be more than needed for personal use.

Computer analyst Mr Scott showed a prescription, but just for 42 pills.

Indonesia has some of the world’s toughest anti-drug laws, with sentences including the death penalty for smugglers who carry five or more grams.

Source : The Sun


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