Bitcoin set a new all-time high record for trading on Sunday when its price per coin surged past the $8,100 mark.

Data from CoinDesk’s Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) revealed that the price of the popular cryptocurrency traded at $8,101.91 having sat at around the $8,000 mark for most of the day on Friday.

Analysts hinted that a surge in the price of Bitcoin was on the cards after the price of the cryptocurrency dropped to as low as $6,000 a coin earlier last week.

The surge in price is being attributed by analysts to speculation around future product launches and interest among institutional investors.

Analysts from investment group Goldman Sachs were amongst those to predict the recent surge in price and notably predicted several other trends seen across the summer.

At the time of writing Bitcoin has dropped back in price slightly below the $8,000 mark trading at around $7,983 per unit.

Source : Coindesk

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