Bubble tea fans across the globe have embraced a bizarre new selfie trend which sees them using their womanly assets as a way to balance drinks.

The trend, which first emerged in Japan, became a sensation weeks ago after a Japanese model shared a video of herself drinking from a straw while a cup rested between her breasts.

Days later a Japanese artist gained similar levels of attention after he shared a Manga drawing revealing a woman drinking tea in the same way.

Soon after a hashtag, which translates to ‘hands-free tapioca’, saw women everywhere share snaps of themselves showing how their chests could be used as a drinks holder.

The ‘hands free’ concept allows the person drinking the bubble tea to rest the drink on their breast so they are able to take selfies or perform other tasks.

According to Asia One, the popularity of the trend has spread from Japan to Thailand and Taiwan as well as Japan.

bubble tea
bubble tea

While women everywhere are keen to show off their assets as a way to support their drinks, the trend isn’t strictly limited to females.

Many men have also uploaded images to Instagram under the hashtag which reveal how ‘dabbing’ or using a hat can work as a substitute for breasts.

Bubble tea, a popular beverage which originated in Taiwan, is a drink which normally contains tea, milk and dozens of tapioca balls.

bubble tea

These small balls, also known as ‘pearls’ or ‘boba’, are made of tapioca starch which is extracted from the dried roots of the cassava plant native to South America.

They usually taste bland and have a chewy texture.

Inclusions in bubble tea, which range from jelly pieces to soft pearls full of flavoured liquid and tapioca balls, are sipped through large straws and can be chewed.


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