gang raped battered to death with bricks

An Indian woman was gang raped before being brutally beaten to death as the men crushed her head with bricks, when she threatened to inform the police.

The incident took place in Rohtak, Haryana which is around 12 miles from Delhi.

So far police have arrested two men in connection with the heinous crime that has shocked many people around the world. Six others are being investigated, following claims by the victims mother that they were involved in her daughter’s death.

At least one of her assailants knew the 23-year-old victim. She was taken by car from her home in Sonipat, before being brutally raped by the men.

They smashed her skull with bricks to prevent her informing the authorities of her ordeal. Her badly beaten corpse was found in an open field on Thursday.

Rape and sexual harassment of women in India has long since been a major problem in certain areas.

In 2012, a student was raped on a bus resulting in outrage amongst the population. The public outcry was reported worldwide as women claimed the authorities were doing nothing to ensure their safety.

The nation promised severer sentences for those charged with rape and murder of women but the problem has not gone away.

Delhi police accept more than fifty complaints per day by women who say they have been raped or sexually or physically abused.


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