A Myanmar military plane has disappeared over the Andaman Sea, which sits between the western coast of Myanmar and Thailand and the Bay of Bengal.

The plane was carrying 120 people in a flight from Myeik to Yangon (formally Rangoon) when it dropped of the radar.

Burmese Military Plane Disappears Into Sea

Communications with the missing aircraft ceased at 13:35 local time. It was 20 miles west of Dawei, when it lost contact.

The plane was carrying military personal, their family members and crew.

Reports of debris being spotted in the sea by military planes and ships, suggests that the plane has been involved in an incident of some sort.

The Chinese made Shaanxi Y-8 Transporter, is a medium ranged plane. It is used mainly for the transportation of troops and for moving supplies around for the military.

It is an all weather aircraft and capable of landing on most terrains including grass, snow and mud.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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