This Is What You Call Airline Customer Service

Airlines recently have had a bad press, mainly due to the antics of American Airlines treatment of an elderly doctor, who was manhandled off one of the planes because the company wanted his seat for a member of off duty crew.

So when we find good stories about airlines, it is only fair that that we give them some credit.

Southwest Airlines, who are based in Dallas, USA, deserve respect for their handling of an event that occurred recently on a flight from Chicago to Columbus.

Peggy Uhle boarded the plane, switched off her mobile phone and fastened her seatbelt as the aircraft taxied down the runway, in preparation for take off. However the plane returned to the gateway, where the lady was asked to leave the flight.

Believing she must have boarded the wrong plane, Peggy offered no resistance and duly disembarked. But upon arriving at the terminal, she was informed that her husband had been frantically trying to contact her, without success. So he called the airline company, who in turn prevented the plane from taking off and returned to the gate.

Why? Peggy’s son had suffered a serious head injury and was in a coma in Denver, Colorado.

Thanks to the quick action of Southwest Airline’s staff, she was soon on her way to see her stricken 24-year-old son.

But the airline did not stop at preventing the plane from taking off. They found her a seat on the next available flight to Denver, arranged everything for her and did it all FREE of charge.

Peggy was escorted to a private lounge where she waited on her Denver bound flight. Her luggage was redirected and delivered right to the door of her accommodation in Denver, all courtesy of the airline.

Thankfully her son made a full recovery and is on his way back to full fitness.

This is what you call customer service. Southwest Airlines took away the stress from Peggy’s situation and deserve recognition for the actions.

We think this is how all airlines should treat customers.

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