A UK call centre worker, who was sent home from work because he arrived wearing shorts, returned wearing a pink dress.

Joey Barge, 20, was struggling in a recent heatwave, so decided to don a pair a smart shorts to work. However his boss deemed his attire as inappropriate for attending the office and told him to go home and change.

Call Centre Man Wears Dress To Work After Being Sent Home For Wearing Shorts

And boy did he change!

In protest, Joey returned in a bright pink dress, which must have caused great amusement amongst his co-workers and some embarrassment to the powers that be.

Joey didn’t fancy wearing a suit in the hot conditions and decided to get “one up” on his boss’s ridiculous decision.

It seemed it was alright for females to wear dresses, showing their legs but guys could not wear shorts, so he simply adapted and wore a dress.

He later displayed pictures on Twitter of him donning his newfound fashion sense, and followers soon got behind him.

One said “men should be allowed to wear shorts in the same way, it is acceptable for ladies to wear a skirt or a dress.”

Another proclaimed “You’re outfit is smart!”

Call Centre Man Wears Dress To Work After Being Sent Home For Wearing Shorts

Good news followed as Joey’s boss seen the error in their ways and dispatched an email informing staff they could wear dressed shorts in the workplace, in either black, navy or beige.


But what about Joey? Will he switch back to shorts or will he decide to wear dresses from now on?

Source : Thesun

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