Ah Lin Tuch and husband Phoun Raty have been arrested after posting videos of them in YouTube skinning and eating Cambodian wild and protected animals.

The couple who has been arrested by the police, have killed animals like the endangered fishing cat, a large lizard and several protected species of birds, just to make cash by posting them on YouTube. The videos show her gruesome acts of skinning, grilling and eating them in the jungle near their home in Phnom Penh.
Other video clips show her eating a king cobra, a shark, a sting ray and frogs.


Though most of the animals harmed were not on the endangered list except for the fishing cat, they were under the protected list and these videos have surely hurt the sentiments of many specially the conservationist.

Upon interrogation, the couple stated that they had purchased those animals from the local market and have earned $500 for Google sponsored adverts being shown on the clips.

Investigation continues as the police wants to sure whether the animals were actually bought or hunted in the wild.

Source : Dailymail

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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