Child Smuggling Waiters Caught Child Snatching - Cyprus Hotel

A group of men dressed as waiters were caught attracting young British children to their cars outside a popular hotel in Cyprus

Guests staying at the hotel on the Mediterranean isle of Cyprus saw an estimated ten men filming and taking photos of children that were playing in and around the swimming pool.

Some men were dressed as waiters so they could walk around without being detected.

Over sixty UK families exited the resort over reports that their maybe others looking for more children too snatch when two men were spotted and arrested straightaway.

According to guests, the men pretending to be waiters had been there all week, it is thought they were Romanian child smugglers as one of them use to work their.

Police authorities had to quickly take the child snatches away from angry guests for their protection

More guards were sent to the resort to protect the children after the alarming incident

Source : SundayExpress

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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