China Ranks Number One For Executions

If you were asked where in the world did most execution of criminals take place, what would your answer be?

Many would say the USA, due to the country having the notorious electric chair and lethal injection penalties in place but you would be wrong. It is not the good old USA, for they have in fact reduced those sent to Death Row over the last twenty years.

No – it is China. The world’s most populated country is also the globes top executioners.

Additionally, Amnesty Internation revealed that over 90% of the world’s executions were carried out in five nations, namely China, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

They also claim that over 3000 people were sent to their deaths in 55 countries, with China holding the top slot for imposing the death penalty.

There are many nations who still support the death penalty for certain crimes such as murder but in some countries, a woman can be stoned to death for committing adultery.

Tell us what you think?

Should murderers, rapists, terrorists face the death penalty?

We want to hear your views.


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