China's Comac C919 Makes Its Maiden Flight

The Chinese have successfully built and tested an aircraft that will compete directly with Boing and Airbus.

The C919 completed its maiden flight, when it landed safely at Pudong Airport in Shanghai following ninety minutes in the air.

The new craft was produced by the state owned Comac company and has been in planning and development since 2008.

There were no passengers on board as the plane completed its test flight. A small crew including five pilots and engineers, took the jet into the skies as thousands of onlookers observed.

Despite only flying at low altitudes of around 10,000 feet and reaching a meagre 190 mph, everyone appeared to be happy with its performance on the day. The limitations were self-imposed by the manufacture because it was a test situation.

Once it reaches the stage of going into service, the C919 will be able to travel distances of around 3500 miles.

For airlines planning on upgrading their stock, the cost of one C919 is around $50m, which is less than half of a Boing 737 and Airbus A320, which would be considered to be its main competitors.

Source : BBC

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