Chinese Copycat Viral Sex Video Shot in Beijing Uniqlo Clothes Store Fitting Room…

On 15th July people began posing outside Uniqlo clothes store in Beijing taking all manner of mock sex act selfies and photos. It looks a little strange to the casual passer-by, but it seems there is a reason for this!

Following the viral sex video of the Russian couple getting it on in a Bangkok Tesco Lotus changing room, a Chinese copycat video has been produced in the Uniqlo store in Beijing.

Chinese Copycat
Chinese Copycat

This viral video has attracted some rather uncomfortable attention to the store as online searches for the Japanese clothing brand have sky rocketed this last week. The video apparently shows a young couple having sex in the Chinese capital’s number one Uniqlo store.

A screen shot still from the video, posted in online reports, shows a guy standing behind a naked girl whilst she covers her boobs and he videos their reflection in the fitting room mirror. A Uniqlo store announcement can be heard clearly in the background welcoming customers and advising them that fitting rooms are on the second and third floors while cashiers are on the first. The video was also reported as being 71 seconds in duration, almost 3 minutes shorter than the Russian epic!

Uniqlo has denied that they have any involvement with the creation or popularisation of the video.

They have also advised customers to make proper use of their fitting rooms. Some Chinese web users have commented that other clothing retailers should make their fitting rooms bigger to attract new customers!

The Cyberspace Administration of China is dealing with the two online companies responsible for the video going viral. These are Sina Corp’s microblogging website and Tencent Holding Ltd’s very popular mobile message application. The agency has demanded face to face meetings with senior company managers to face reprimands.

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