A young Chinese girl has taken her country by storm with her vocal talents. The singer who is being compared to Taylor Swift because she writes songs about relationships has become a sensation across the Asian nation.

Her name? G.E.M. which stands for “Get Everybody Moving”.

Despite her fame, the singer says she does not consider herself as a star and sees herself as being someone who simply shares her life stories via her songs.

G.E.M. hails from Hong Kong but prefers to sing in Mandarin as opposed to Cantonese but she also has a excellent grasp of the English language too.

Her fan base across China reaches into the millions as she sings her love songs.

She hit the big time after appearing in a reality TV show in 2014. She was soon the nations top selling artist and is soon to embark on a world tour.

The Chinese beauty could be on TV screens across the globe and breaking into international charts too.

Check out the video.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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