Chinese women hopes to lower obesity in her country with edible insects

The awarding winning Chinese entrepreneur “Matilda Ho Spoke” is advertising edible insects and healthy eating because she is concerned of the growing problem of obesity

Insects such as silkworms will become available for delivery to your door and will be a good source to get protein from.

“One in four diabetics are Chinese” she told the BBC.

She hopes the promoting will have a positive impact and slow the rate obesity is increasing. It doesn’t help that McDonald’s plan to open 1000 new restaurants in the next five years, and an extra 2,300 more Starbucks by 2021, according to “TheGuardian”

Silkworms are affordable to consumers but they are the only insect that is legal to use as a food ingredient, although other insects such as crickets may be next to follow in the near future.

Would you eat a silkworm for your source of protein?

Originally reported by : BBC


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