A China Southern Airlines flight was grounded on Tuesday after an elderly woman threw coins into the plane’s engine for luck.

The 80-year-old threw 9 coins as she “prayed for safety” while crossing the tarmac to board the flight.

Coins In The Engine For Good Luck

Though only 1 of the coins actually made its way into the engine it was enough to cause the evacuation of the aircraft.

Another passenger alerted the airport authorities of the passenger’s unusual behaviour and the police were called to Shanghai Pudong International airport.

The elderly woman who was traveling with her family was taken for questioning by the police.

150 of the flights passengers waited for several hours as maintenance crews carried out a full examination of the engine to make sure that the craft was safe to make its journey.

Coins In The Engine For Good Luck

The flight was finally given the all clear to take off after being delayed by the incident for 5 hours.

China Southern Airlines later reminded all passengers to avoid behaviour that could be detrimental to the safety of other travellers.

Perhaps in future coins might be better thrown into a wishing well rather than an aircrafts engine.

Source : BBC

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