Crab Bites A Woman On Her Vagina

A nude sunbather, who was lapping up the rays in Singapore has been bitten on the vagina by a crab.

The crustacean appears to have gotten rather confused, believing that the woman’s camel toe was an oyster and decided to feast on it.

Crab Bites A Woman On Her Vagina

Pasir Ris, 28, was enjoy a relaxing day on Changi Beach, when the creature hooked on to her snapper. As a result, she received a laceration to her flapper.

The crab, believed to be a horn-eyed ghost crab or should that be a horny-eyed ghost crab, certainly bit off more that it could chew.

The beach was quiet as the lady and two other female friends decided to strip off and get an all over tan, which is actually illegal in Singapore.

One of the girls fell asleep but was suddenly awoken by the sounds of her friend screaming “something just bit me.” They then saw the randy decapod between her legs.

Her two friends assisted in removing the attached attacker and provided first aid until medical help arrived, although it is unclear what treatment they provided.

They were apparently concerned that the pincers could contain bacteria that could lead to infection.

The women joked with reporters that they thought it would be safe to suck any poison out, just to be on the safe side.

The victim is expected to make a full recovery. Her sex life should not be affected in any way.

Red faces as well as a red clam were the order of the day.

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