Crocodiles Caught On Camera Feasting On Endangered Sawfish

Rare photos have come to light, which shows Australia’s freshwater crocodiles feasting on young sawfish.

The sawfish is on the endangered species list, so it doesn’t help their cause when the crocs eat the youngsters before they reach maturity.

The sawfish use the murky waters of the Fitzroy River as a spawning ground. When the juvenile fish reach a certain age, they head out to see to mature and breed.

If the presence of crocodiles isn’t bad enough news for the sawfish, they also have to deal with another top predator, the bulls shark, which is also prominent in the river.

What can be done to protect the sawfish remains to be seen but wildlife experts will no doubt give consideration to every option available to them.

The sawfish is a member of the ray family and characterised by its long saw like snout. They are considered to be “critically endangered” and face the threat of extinction mainly due to habitat loss and over fishing.

The snout is very sensitive and can detect the slightest movement on the ocean floor and also acts as a digging tool to unearth a tasty meal, usually crustaceans.

If a suitable meal swims too close the sawfish, it springs into action, slashing its victim, before devouring it.

They are nocturnal and not known to attack humans unless they feel threatened.


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