Disney Held To Ransom Over Stolen Movie

Disney Studios have announced that hackers have threatened to release a stolen movie unless they pay a ransom.

The movie is believed to be Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, starring Johnny Depp. The movie has not been released by the company yet.

The thieves have demanded payment using bitcoin and have said they will release the movie in 20 minute sections if payment is not made.

Disney have said they will not pay the ransom.

Last month, hackers uploaded the fifth season of “Orange is the New Black” when Netflix refused to pay a ransom.

Pirates of the Caribbean is a popular franchise of movies featuring the character “Jack Sparrow” played by Johnny Depp. The fifth instalment is due for release in cinemas later this month.

Disney would be wise not to cough up for let’s face it – what are the chances of these crooks keeping their side of the bargain? Once they have been paid, what is to stop them releasing the movie anyway?

Source : BBC

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