A woman walking her dog along a Somerset beach saw it pick up an object in it’s mouth. Expecting to find a dead bird in her pooches jaws, she was horrified when it turned out to be a penis and testicles.

Molly the basset hound and her owner Julie Edwards, were enjoying a leisurely stroll when the incident occurred on Brean Beach, Somerset, England on Monday.

Dog Finds Human Penis And Testicles On English Beach

The beach warden was told of the horrific discovery and police were informed too. So far, the local law enforcement have yet to confirm claims that it was human body parts that Molly and Julie found.

However, Julie is in no doubt whatsoever, saying that it was a complete set of testicles and a penis.

Dog Finds Human Penis And Testicles On English Beach

Julie told reporters that she could see Molly trying to roll something around and convinced it would be a dead bird, infested with maggots, she moved to remove it from her pet’s mouth. When she became aware of what it was she was stunned.

It is fair to say that if it is indeed human parts, someone is going to be either deceased or aware that they are missing something very important to them.

Source : Metro

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