Ebola Outbreak In Congo

Ebola is back. The latest outbreak has claimed the life of at least one person but as many of you will know, Ebola is capable of killing thousands of people.

The latest outbreak is in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where nine people were found to be suffering from haemorrhagic fever.

Six people are being treated in hospital at present and test are being carried out on others.

It has helped that the area where the illness has been found is remote and heavily forested, which has aided in containing the outbreak.

This is the countries eighth outbreak, more than any other nation.

Officials have said they have 300,000 doses of Ebola vaccine to hand should it be required to prevent a pandemic.

Ebola was discovered in Congo back in 1976 and is named after the Ebola River.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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