For a long time Cambodia has been the easiest of the Asian nations for foreigners to get a long stay visa.

However the Cambodia Government has now made changes making it more difficult for people to get six-month and 12-month business (EB) visa extension.

The new regulations came into effect on October 2 and from then on people who wish to apply for a six or twelve month extension will need to provide the following to do so.

  • Employment letter or
  • A work permit issued by the Ministry of Labour or
  • A Business License or Patent Certificate or
  • An Employment contract valid until the date of the requested visa extension or
  • Relevant documents that state a valid reason for a visa extension.

Endless visa extensions in Cambodia just got a lot harder

If an applicant has a spouse or children an accompanying guarantee letter from an employer will also be required.

These rules do not apply for someone applying for their first EB visa extension but only if an applicant has previously extended their visa.

People who are using ER (retirement) visas and EG (general) visas will not be affected by the new regulations as employment is not prohibit for both types of visa.

If someone applies that does not have the required paper work they can change to an EG (general) visa for a period of six months while they gather the necessary documentation but will not be permitted to work.

Source : AECnewstoday

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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