Facebook Live Killer Fatally Shoots Himself

Steve Stephens, who became known as “The Facebook Live Killer” has killed himself, following a pursuit by Pennsylvania police officers.


Stephens, who posted a live video of the murder of Cleveland man, Robert Godwin, 74, shot himself as police closed in on Tuesday.

The wanted murderer was located in Erie County when police received a tip off. He was spotted at a local drive-thru and recognised by a member of staff, who called police.

In a brief chase, Stephens lost control of his vehicle when pursuers, rammed into him to prevent him escaping. Stephens then shot himself.

With no criminal record and not suspected of any other crimes, it is hard to imagine why Stephens killed Mr. Godwin in the random attack. He did claim that he had killed at least 12 others but there is no evidence to substantiate his claims.

The “live” video was online for two hours before Facebook removed it, prompting Chief Executive Mark Suckerbeg to issue a statement saying “The company will do everything in its power to prevent similar content appearing on Facebook.”


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