500kg woman loses half her weight

A seriously overweight Egyptian woman, who was believed to the world’s heaviest female, has lost half her body weight following surgery in India.

The woman is said to have dropped her weight by an incredible 250 kilograms (550lbs) following a surgical procedure.

Before going to India for the surgery, she tipped the scales at 500kg and was unable to leave her home for 25 years.

500kg woman loses half her weight

This could be a life saving operation for Abd El Aty. Doctors say she can now sit up and get around in a wheelchair, following bariatric surgery in Mumbai’s Saidee Hospital, two months ago.

The woman suffered a stroke at the age of eleven and as a result, she was pretty much bedridden. Her mother and sister have cared for her all her life.

Weight loss surgery is only carried out in the most extreme circumstances, where obesity is threatening a person’s life.

Surgery involves either using a gastric band at the entrance of the stomach to reduce its size, whilst giving the impression the stomach is full, even after consuming the smallest of meals.

A second option involves bypassing the stomach by re-routing the food intake so that less food is digested.


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