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Posted by NoizeTv on Thursday, 11 January 2018

One conspiracy theorist who believes that the world is actually flat is going to great length to prove once and for all the world is not spherical as we have all been led to believe by propelling himself into space in a self-made rocket which cost him £20,000 to build.

Tomorrow (February 3, 3pm US time) 61-year-old Mike Hughes will attempt to go where very we men have gone before for the third time.

Back in November of last year the self-taught rocket scientist announced plans to propel himself 1,800ft into the air above the Mojave Desert in California and take an aerial photograph of the earth, however this was not meant to be as the Bureau of Land Management allegedly stepped in and prohibited the launch.

Flat Earther to launch himself into space in homemade rocket tomorrow

Following that setback Mike decided to build a new improved craft and finally get the job done once and for all.

First attempt…..

Tomorrow he plans to vertically launch himself from Amboy, California which will avoid the use of Bureau of Land Management land.

Using social media “Mad Mike Hughes” as he has come to be known has kept followers up to date with pictures and videos along his journey, generating mixed responses from followers.

Flat Earther to launch himself into space in homemade rocket tomorrow

One poster wrote “inspiring work and dedication” while another poster was not so kind writing “Flat Earther’s make me afraid for our future.”

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No matter what the outcome let’s just hope Mad Mike returns safely down to earth.

Source : Dailystar

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