The Ford Focus production will move to China in 2019 under huge pressure from citizens and politicians to maintain the manufacturing of the car in the USA.

Despite selling over 67,000 Focus cars in the US during the first five months of 2017, the company claim, sales are down but there will be no job losses when the cars are made in China.

Ford Will Move Focus Production To China

The move follows their plan to scrap a new $1.6 billion dollar plant in Mexico, after President Trump criticised the company.

Ford presently produce their popular Focus model in Michigan in the US, Germany and China but they claim that sales in the US have fallen as customers demand larger vehicles.

President Trump is far from happy about the move as he strives to increase jobs in his own country.

With the loss of the Ford Focus work in 2019, workers at the Michigan plant will commence producing trucks in 2018, with no reduction in jobs or income to those employed there.

Ford have committed to spending almost one million dollars on refitting an SUV factory in Kentucky too. Electric vehicles are also high on the agenda for the American manufacturer.

Many have been campaigning for higher taxation of imported goods to make US companies more competitive.

Source : BBC

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