Have you ever seen a funeral of a car? Never? Well it just happened in China. A motorist in Zhejiang city of Huzhou was spotted on last Friday, June 1 carrying his ‘dead’ car on the back of his motorized tricycle.

The car, an old black sedan, was tied to the back of a tricycle horizontally which occupied two lanes in width while on the go. In a busy morning street, the tricycle riding car was quite a sight for the regular travelers.

Later police tracked and reached the motorist to charge fines for traffic rule violations. It was found that the motorist had bought the car in 800 Yuan and was taking to the scrap yard to sell it in parts.

But now it seems the motorist had to face a loss as police charged him with a fine 1300 Yuan and nine points deduction from his license.

Source : Shanghaiist

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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