Golden style Darth Vader Masks up for sale for just over £1 million – Tokyo

If your a huge Star Wars fan with a million pounds going spare, this could be just for you.

A Jewelry shop in Tokyo are selling real sized twenty four karat gold masks for the filthy rich Star Wars fans to purchase.

Although you cannot actually wear these designs, as they have not been built to put a real human head inside.


It has been built to represent there 40th anniversary of when Star Wars- A New Hope was released and introduced to us. Since then, nine more movies have been produced, the latest film being Star Wars-The Force Awakens back in 2015.

The mask weighs a staggering thirty three pounds and took around three months to build.

If you are planning on purchasing one of these priceless masks, you have a waiting time of three months after ordering.

For the fans that are more on a budget, golden coins can be purchased with your favourite characters from the film on them, these come at a price of just under thousand pounds.

All of these items will go on sale May 4th and be purchased from the Jewelry store.


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