Gold coins found in piano

A treasure trove of gold coins has been discovered hidden in a piano.

Some 913 coins, reported valued in hundreds of thousands of pounds, were found in Shropshire, and has left investigators baffled.

The coins were located under the instruments keyboard at a school in Shropshire, when it was going through a retuning process. They were inside several hand stitched bags, stacked neatly inside the instrument.

The coins date from 1847 to 1915. Included amongst them are 633 full sovereigns and 280 half sovereigns.

At the time of their concealment, their value would have been in the region of 773. The average cost of a house back then was 619.

At present, no one knows how the coins found their way into the upright piano and no one knows what to do with them now. International appeals have failed to shed any light on who may have been the rightful owner of either the piano or the coins.

So far investigators have discovered that Graham and Meg Hemmings from Essex, were the previous owners of the piano. They donated it to Bishop’s Castle Community College in Shropshire after moving nearby in 2015.

The couple owned the piano for 33 years and were totally oblivious to its hidden treasure.

There is a possibility that due the age of the piano and coins, that the owners have long since passed away and that any relatives are unaware of its existence.


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