Grab A Five Year Success

Grab – the successful cab booking system available on your smart phone, has become a huge success since it release in 2012.

It has been downloaded to almost 45 million phones and has close to a million drivers registered on it across south east Asia.

Grab A Five Year Success

The apps growth in nations such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and of course Thailand has been phenomenal.

It began life in Malaysia as “MyTeksi” and was by founded by Harvard Business School graduates Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling, after the pair found it difficult to hail a taxi in the Malaysia. The idea was born and put into a plan of action, and since then, they have never looked back.

Their plans for the future are still inspiring as the have desires to make the service even better.

Chief Executive Anthony Tan spoke of future plans at the company’s fifth anniversary party saying “Grab will continue to redefine the ride hailing services by offering greater transport options, which will enable us to have a more efficient transport network and reach broader groups of consumers through cashless payments.”

Grab have plans to utilise their vehicle network for food ordering services and for other delivery options for a variety of businesses.

This will widen its revenue opportunities and increase frequencies for its ride hailing service.

Grab A Five Year Success

Grab is currently available in 55 cities and has it headquarters in Singapore. It is available in Pattaya and offers Grab Taxi and Grab Car services.

Give it a try – the app is excellent. Book your car, watch your driver heading towards you on the map, get the fair in advance, rate the driver and you can pay cash or by e-payment.

Source : Bangkokpost

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