Gurkha, 85, Dies Trying To Reclaim Everest Record

A former British Gurkha soldier has died at the base of Mount Everest.

Min Bahadur Sherchan, 85, was attempting to reclaim his world record of being the oldest man to climb the world’s tallest mountain but died, possibly from a heart attack before the main ascent could commence.

Mr. Sherchan previously held the record when he completed his climb at the age of 76 but this was surpassed by Yuichiro Miura of Japan, who successfully scaled the mountain at the grand old age of eighty, in 2013.

The Japanese and Nepalese climbers had a long standing rivalry with the latter’s second last attempt being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions in 2013.

Two years later, Sherchan was en-route for another attempt when an earthquake struck forcing him to abandon the expedition.

Determination drove him on for his latest attempt but alas, it was not to be.

The former Gurkha began his climbing career way back in 1960. At the age of 72 he commenced training for his attempt at Everest by walking an incredible 745 miles across Nepal.

It is thought that he was in good health but had not been at high altitude for two years.

Source : BBC

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