Gut Parasites On The Rise Because Of Sushi

Many people who enjoy the Japanese traditional raw fish delicacies of sushi are putting themselves at risk from parasitical infections.

Medical reports say that there has been a substantial increase in parasite infections in the west, with the blame firmly placed on the influx of sushi.

One Portuguese man was suffering from stomach pain, vomiting and had a fever, was found to have a parasite living in his gut lining.

A tenderness was found just below his ribs, which was being investigate. When question about dietary habits he admitted he had recently eaten sushi, which lead the doctors to discover he had anisakiasis.

Anisakiasis is a parasitic disease caused by anisakid nematodes (worms) that can invade the stomach wall or intestine of humans. Infected larvae are ingested when a person eats undercooked or raw fish or squid.

Doctors found a worm-like parasite attached to the inflamed area in his gut lining.

Anisakiasis is very common in Japan, where sushi is popular but recently cases in the western world have become increasingly common.

Atlantic salmon and sea trout are also known to cause parasite infections. The advice is to remove the guts of the fish, freeze it for up to a week then cooked thoroughly before ingesting.

Source : BBC

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