Erin played the kid sister of Ritchie Cunningham, played by Ron Howard in the hit TV series featuring “The Fonz” portrayed by Henry Winkler.

Emergency services were called to a house in Indiana, where they found Moran to be dead.

Born on October 18th 1960, the star was six-years-old when she hit the TV screens. She played Jenny Jones in the hit TV series Daktari in the late 1960s, co-starring with Clarence, a crossed-eyed lion.

“The Fonz”

She was however best remembered for her role in Happy Days, where she portrayed Joanie Cunningham. The sitcom ran from 1974 till 1984. The actress starred in 234 episodes of the popular show.

She also appeared in the spin off with Scott Baio in “Joanie loves Chachi”.


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