The first woman to complete the Boston Marathon way back in 1967, repeated the performance again on Monday, at the age of 70.

Fifty years after her heroic first run Kathrine Switzer did it once more.

In 1967, aged 20, she completed the gruelling course in four hours and twenty minutes. Half a century later, she finished with an impressive time of 4:44:31.

Her first endeavor was under the name of K.V Switzer in an attempt to hide her gender. At the time, many considered the race to severe for a fairer sex.

Images at the time showed marathon co-director Jock Semple attempt to rip her number 261 from her vest but her boyfriend, Thomas Miller, pushed the official away and she ran on to complete the race.

In 1972, women were permitted to take part in the race, thanks to Kathrine.

Over the years, she has ran 39 marathons with her best effort coming in the 1975 event, where he finished second in the women’s event, with a time of 2 hours 51 minutes.

She is also a former winner of the New York Marathon in 1974.

These days she is better known for her TV commentary and fundraising work and of course she is still running marathons.


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