Indian Girls Go On Hunger Strike To Raise Awareness Of Sexual Harrassment

How bad must things be when school girls go on hunger strike to gain awareness of sexual harassment in their town?

That is exactly what is happening in the Indian state of Haryana, following the horrific rape and murder of a young woman last week.

Thirteen teenagers will refuse to eat for six days to protest about the continuous daily sexual molestation as they travel to and from school.

The girls who are all between the ages of 16 and 18 were subjected to sexual remarks when travelling to school. They claim the police and the government have done nothing to protect them.

Now police have been forced to act, promising improved security as they travel to and from school. The government has now pledged to upgrade their local school to the higher secondary standard, meaning girls will not have to travel so far.

However the girls are far from convinced that the proposals will in fact take place and have refused to eat until they see the propositions in writing.

The girls said that not only were they abused verbally but men often attempt to touch them inappropriately. One girl said much more occurs but not everything can be described.

The girls are only accepting water during their hunger strike.

Source : BBC

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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