Kids Given Treats Meant For Dogs In New Zealand

Kids in New Zealand have been eating “doggy” treats as many parents mistook the products as sweets.

Yes “Scooby Snacks”, which features an image of the legendary cartoon character, were meant to be sold as treats for dogs but were placed in the vicinity of children’s snacks, prompting many parents to purchase them from PaknSave supermarket in Whanganui.

Kids Given Treats Meant For Dogs In New Zealand

Despite the packaging stating “pet food” it seems parents simply picked them up believing they were meant for kids consumption.

Now children are barking mad at their parents for feeding them dog snacks.

The store have withdrawn the products from sale so no repeat purchases are made by unsuspecting mums.

Children in Whanganui will now benefit from stronger bones and teeth and have shiny coats.

So far there are no reports of kids lifting their legs to pee.

Source : BBC

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