Did Leicester City Footballers have sex with three under-age Thai women? Thai Police have been requested to investigate.

The Empower Foundation, an organization in Thailand that help underprivileged women, have called on Thai police to investigate the claim that the wayward young sex tourist footballers had engaged in sexual activities with underage Thai women.

The 3 naughty young men shot video clips of them having an orgy with the girls and were also heard to refer to the girls with a racist remark.

The Empower foundation co-founder, Chanwipha Apisuk, has requested that the Thai Police must investigate and find out the age of the girls involved. She is particularly disgusted with the way the 3 footballers treated the young women in the clip and finds their remarks very insulting.

The age of legal consent in Thailand is 18 and the ladies in the video appear to be over 18 years old. Many Facebook users voiced disagreement in the investigation as it turns the story into a witch hunt. By doing this, it also adds popularity to the whole affair and more and more people across the world are discussing the whole story. Obviously what the lads did was stupid and should be dealt with correctly, but matters like this are best dealt with behind closed doors and not in the limelight! The biggest mistake the lads made was videoing the sordid affair, something they will regret for a long time to come.

Another Facebook user has suggested whoever supplied the girls is to blame, not the footballers, also stating that massage parlours should be investigated that are operating all over the country.

There’s no winners really in a story like this, only losers. The longer in stays news worthy the more damaging it will be to the Thai ladies, the idiots who videoed the orgy and anyone else that gets caught in the crossfire. The best thing here would be to close the story down and forget about it, dealing with the culprits in a sensible way. (Oh the irony, should we be commenting on this then?)

At the end of the day, the girls were simply trying to make a living, it’s easy to judge them in a bad way if you are wealthy, highly educated person “who knows better.”


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