There are more Thai and foreign relationships than ever before!

An undergraduate at Thammasat University has conducted a survey studying Thai and foreign relationships, including marriage. The research paper will be published next month by the University’s Women, Gender and Sexuality Program. The study seems to be based on a research of social media, mostly Facebook, and has focused on relationships between Thai ladies and foreign men.

What was discovered indicates an increase in the amount of serious relationships and marriages, but also a decrease in the age gap, particularly in Bangkok. There are many young, professional foreign guys working in Bangkok than ever before and they often have a Thai partner of similar age or just a few years younger.

If you travel 2 hours from Bangkok to Pattaya you will still see the old foreign guys with girls half their age or more helping them to walk to and from their favourite beer bar, but you will also see professional, younger working guys with Thai women much closer their age, just maybe not on Soi Buakhao. The times are changing, but some of the old stereotypes still remain.

The young Thai lady and old foreign guy relationship is normally based on economics. He will take care of her financially, she will take care of him in other ways making him fell 20 years old again.

Such relationships in the western world are often frowned upon, unless your name is Hugh Heffner!

So what’s the deal with the near-same age Thai and foreign couples often seen in Bangkok and on social media? Is she with him for his money? Or is it love? Or is it a fashion statement? A young professional Thai lady who is smart and has her own income is quite a catch for a young foreign guy in town, also a handsome, professional young foreign executive guy is a very attractive proposition for an upwardly mobile middle class Thai lady.

She isn’t with him for his money, but some would say she is simply playing the long game. International destinations are calling, getting a passport and applying for visa’s is so much easier with a hard working foreign professional guy on your arm.

This could apply to some relationships, and isn’t simply a national phenomenon.

Supichaya was thinking the same way before her survey, that the Thai ladies were simply with the foreign guy for economic reasons, but her results show otherwise. Or at least that’s how it appears on Facebook!

There are some other interesting factors also. Thai men prefer pale skinned and thin Thai ladies, whereas foreigners on the whole prefer darker skinned ladies with a fuller figure. Could it be some girls just don’t want to be left on the shelf? She might not be looking for a sugar daddy, but having a young professional foreign guy as a partner with prospects is better than being single.


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