A massive python measuring seven metres in length swallowed a man whole on an island in west Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Akbar Salubiro, 25, disappeared, failing to return from work where he harvested palm oil. Friends became concerned and set out to look for him but when they stumbled upon the python, with a bulging midriff, they feared the worst.

Horrified villagers proceeded to kill the snake and cut it open, revealing the man, who was still wearing his wellington boots!

Footage captured on video shows the dead man being removed from the snake as his friends look on.

A neighbour said “We found the snake in Akbar’s garden.”

The man’s wife “Munu”, who wasn’t at home at the time, discovered the horrific death of her husband when the story broke on the news.

Pythons kill their victims by suffocating them slowly as they coil around them, then swallow the body whole.


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