Manchester Arena Bomber Named

UK police named the suicide bomber who was responsible for the deaths of 22 concert goers as “Salman Ramadan Abedi”.

The 22-year-old was born in Manchester in 1994 after his Libyan parents fled the country because of Colonel Gaddafi’s repressive government. They spent some time in London before moving north to Manchester.

Abedi, a university dropout, worked in a bakery and was said to be a good footballer and a Manchester United fan.

There are three siblings, two brothers and a sister in the family.

His parents are believed to have returned to Libya as did Abed but unfortunately he returned recently.

A 23-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the investigation, who is believed to be the bomber’s brother.

One person, Mohammed Saeed El-Saeiti, the imam at the Didsbury Mosque claims Abedi was a dangerous extremist.

Source : BBC

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