Iceberg turns town into attraction

Imagine arising in the morning and looking out the bedroom window to discover you have a visitor in the form of a massive iceberg.

That is more or less what happened in a small town in Newfoundland in Canada, which has turned the area into a tourist attraction.

Icebergs are not uncommon in the area but this one appears to be very popular with the tourists, possibly due to its vastness and close vicinity to the town of Ferryland.

Mayor Adrian Kavanagh said It’s the biggest iceberg I have ever seen around here.

Although the iceberg is about 15 stories high, that’s just 10 percent of its mass, the majority being hidden beneath the depths of the sea.

There is a season for icebergs in the area, which generally starts in April. However there have been numerous masses of ice spotted this year, with as many as 615 being counted. This is a substantial increase for the same period in previous seasons.

Experts say uncommonly strong anti-clockwise winds are pulling icebergs south from Greenland, for the rise in activity. Others claim global warming may also be playing a role.

The icebergs are travelling along a similar route to the one the Titanic struck on April 14, 1912. The ship sank with the loss of over 1500 passengers.

The incident occurred less than 400 miles from Ferryland.


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